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Silly thing I did today, because I can't always just feel sorry for myself on here, eh?

The ß files  )
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Handy dandy tutorial on "How to react when Open Office refuses to open a Word document when said document was written on a mac and you know it's fine OO is just being a dick because it knows it's bank holidays and you can't go to uni to open said document". (also known as the HTRWOORTOAWDWSDWWOAMAYKIFOOIJBADBIKIBHAYCGTUTOSD-procedure):

- Flip the fuck out
- Curse OO in all languages you know
- Curse OO in languages you don't know
- Curse OO in languages you just made up
- Cry (only not really but feel like crying)
- Give up
- Don't give up because damnit
- Convert the .doc into a PDF
- Open PDF because Adobe Reader isn't a dick
- ???
- profit

Please take notes, there will be a test on this stuff.
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I fess up! I love wikipedia, and I use it all the time. Even for University work! The process usually goes like thus: I look something up, then look at the references the article gives, go to look THOSE up, and then take it from there. It usually works like a charm and nobody will ever know.

Except today, today was special:

Screenshotty proof that someone has a special sense of humor )
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Totally useless info about (non-existent) fashionsense of some people in the 16th century

Here goes nothing )
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It's hourly comic day again! Meaning it's the day my little comic-self returns and leads a thrilling life full of thrilling mundane things! I can hear your excitement from here, yes yes.

Last year's is here.

I'm sorry to say but my handwriting did not get better in that one year )
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So I went and had a look to see when my last non-fandom related art-post actually was. Not counting the Novemberdoodles, it... was a long time ago, oh wow.
Then again, I haven't really drawn anything non-fandom related in what feels like aaages, simply because I live for the short high the crack in those doodles provide me. But I digress.

The other day, I found one of my sketchbooks again, and it was empty, so I decided to fill it. Preferably with not so many fandom doodles, just to see if I actually CAN still draw something not related to fandom crack.
Basically, I just sat down, watched 'criminal intent' or any other spin-off available, and doodled. Mostly just drew from pictures I found on my HD to get warm again. There are a lot of super random pictures on my HD, btw, I boggled.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

I now have a Shikato icon. Let's all bow down before [livejournal.com profile] wamyne for this amazing display of craftiness and amazement.


and that's all.
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Dear Switzerland,
It's ok if you lose, really, we don't expect anything else but...
please don't pull an Australia, yes?


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Country, you know you've taken your love for little white furry flowers too far when you begin to make icetea out of them.

What does Edelweiss even taste like?


Aug. 28th, 2009 04:35 pm
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The group that organizes things at my Uni concerning everything swine flu related is called

Task Force Influenza A (H1N1)

This is it, guys. This is war.


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