Jan. 23rd, 2011

lemiru: Balthier is a gentleman ([Stock - Schweizergarde])
So I went and had a look to see when my last non-fandom related art-post actually was. Not counting the Novemberdoodles, it... was a long time ago, oh wow.
Then again, I haven't really drawn anything non-fandom related in what feels like aaages, simply because I live for the short high the crack in those doodles provide me. But I digress.

The other day, I found one of my sketchbooks again, and it was empty, so I decided to fill it. Preferably with not so many fandom doodles, just to see if I actually CAN still draw something not related to fandom crack.
Basically, I just sat down, watched 'criminal intent' or any other spin-off available, and doodled. Mostly just drew from pictures I found on my HD to get warm again. There are a lot of super random pictures on my HD, btw, I boggled.



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