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2012-04-14 01:16 am

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Silly thing I did today, because I can't always just feel sorry for myself on here, eh?

The ß files  )
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2012-04-08 04:09 pm

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Handy dandy tutorial on "How to react when Open Office refuses to open a Word document when said document was written on a mac and you know it's fine OO is just being a dick because it knows it's bank holidays and you can't go to uni to open said document". (also known as the HTRWOORTOAWDWSDWWOAMAYKIFOOIJBADBIKIBHAYCGTUTOSD-procedure):

- Flip the fuck out
- Curse OO in all languages you know
- Curse OO in languages you don't know
- Curse OO in languages you just made up
- Cry (only not really but feel like crying)
- Give up
- Don't give up because damnit
- Convert the .doc into a PDF
- Open PDF because Adobe Reader isn't a dick
- ???
- profit

Please take notes, there will be a test on this stuff.
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2011-06-22 09:13 pm

On the accuracy of Wikipedia

I fess up! I love wikipedia, and I use it all the time. Even for University work! The process usually goes like thus: I look something up, then look at the references the article gives, go to look THOSE up, and then take it from there. It usually works like a charm and nobody will ever know.

Except today, today was special:

Screenshotty proof that someone has a special sense of humor )
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2011-04-05 01:05 am

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Totally useless info about (non-existent) fashionsense of some people in the 16th century

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2011-02-02 01:11 am

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It's hourly comic day again! Meaning it's the day my little comic-self returns and leads a thrilling life full of thrilling mundane things! I can hear your excitement from here, yes yes.

Last year's is here.

I'm sorry to say but my handwriting did not get better in that one year )
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2011-01-23 02:18 am

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So I went and had a look to see when my last non-fandom related art-post actually was. Not counting the Novemberdoodles, it... was a long time ago, oh wow.
Then again, I haven't really drawn anything non-fandom related in what feels like aaages, simply because I live for the short high the crack in those doodles provide me. But I digress.

The other day, I found one of my sketchbooks again, and it was empty, so I decided to fill it. Preferably with not so many fandom doodles, just to see if I actually CAN still draw something not related to fandom crack.
Basically, I just sat down, watched 'criminal intent' or any other spin-off available, and doodled. Mostly just drew from pictures I found on my HD to get warm again. There are a lot of super random pictures on my HD, btw, I boggled.

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2010-09-14 11:52 pm

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2010-09-02 11:21 pm

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Ladies and gentlemen,

I now have a Shikato icon. Let's all bow down before [livejournal.com profile] wamyne for this amazing display of craftiness and amazement.


and that's all.
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2010-06-16 03:54 pm

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Dear Switzerland,
It's ok if you lose, really, we don't expect anything else but...
please don't pull an Australia, yes?


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2010-04-09 06:44 pm

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Country, you know you've taken your love for little white furry flowers too far when you begin to make icetea out of them.

What does Edelweiss even taste like?
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2009-08-28 04:35 pm


The group that organizes things at my Uni concerning everything swine flu related is called

Task Force Influenza A (H1N1)

This is it, guys. This is war.