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I fess up! I love wikipedia, and I use it all the time. Even for University work! The process usually goes like thus: I look something up, then look at the references the article gives, go to look THOSE up, and then take it from there. It usually works like a charm and nobody will ever know.

Except today, today was special:

Screenshotty proof that someone has a special sense of humor )
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Ladies and gentlemen,

I now have a Shikato icon. Let's all bow down before [livejournal.com profile] wamyne for this amazing display of craftiness and amazement.


and that's all.
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Dear Switzerland,
It's ok if you lose, really, we don't expect anything else but...
please don't pull an Australia, yes?


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Country, you know you've taken your love for little white furry flowers too far when you begin to make icetea out of them.

What does Edelweiss even taste like?


Aug. 28th, 2009 04:35 pm
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The group that organizes things at my Uni concerning everything swine flu related is called

Task Force Influenza A (H1N1)

This is it, guys. This is war.
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2PM But South American Geography Was Never My Forte
Coworker #1: What country is Switzerland in?
Coworker #2: I think it's in Ireland.

via Overheard in the Office, Mar 31, 2009
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Once upon a time, Japan was looking at China's texts and thought "wouldn't it be great if I could write and read like that?" But poor little Japan had a complete other grammar structure than big China, and so it just didn't work out. Japan sat down and set up some rules and secret codes in order to be able to read classic chinese texts. And so Kanbun was invented, a system that would last for many centuries way over the Meiji Restoration.

Unfortunately, that day someone had spiked Japan's tea, and the rules turned out to be pure crack.

Or, like someone in my class said, it's like trying to solve a 10 000 piece-puzzle of a blue sky over a blue ocean.
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Something for Lumi to hate me for.

You can run from us now, but sooner or later, we're gonna hump you.
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"Saint Young Men" MANGA SUMMARY:

What if Jesus and Buddha were living on Earth in modern times? What if they shared an apartment in Japan? Saint Young Men is a humorous manga about the daily lives of Jesus and Buddha, with each chapter focusing on some element of modern life, such as Disneyland, rush hour on the train, Christmas, the public pool, carnivals, and more.

OH JAPAN! you make the crackiest stuff EVER, sometimes.
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I know, I know, me again, but... but... THIS:

Guys, I just read something about one of the lulziest people ever: Samuel P. Langley.
Not only did he appoint himself as a curator of an exhibition-room he created, but he also wrote a letter to himself accepting the position.

Just, look at this. I mean, come on:

The secretary of the Smithsonian [that's Langley] has been pleased to confer upon me [that's Langley, too] the honorable but arduous duties of the care of the Children's Room. He has at his service so many men learned in Natural History that I do not know why he has chosen me.
It has been my purpose to earn his trust and to carry out what I believe to be his intention[...]

I think this man is one of my favorite dead people, now. And look at him! He totally has 'lulz' written all over him.




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