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äuä de scho ([personal profile] lemiru) wrote2011-06-22 09:13 pm

On the accuracy of Wikipedia

I fess up! I love wikipedia, and I use it all the time. Even for University work! The process usually goes like thus: I look something up, then look at the references the article gives, go to look THOSE up, and then take it from there. It usually works like a charm and nobody will ever know.

Except today, today was special:

I took screenshots because I think I'm actually going to edit this, even though I've never ever done this, and it's giving me such a good laugh that it's almost a waste.

Found under Tanzimat on the english Wikipedia:

Sounds kind of cool, right? Also it was cited as a ref for something I needed so off we go, look for that article.

Like an idiot, I look up the whole title on JSTOR because I will never learn that the search function there is not up to my expectations.
And can't find it.
Cue despair.

Then I go to just look up the particular Journal, then the number and then...




How do you mix up 'Ice Cream' and 'Tradition'. I NEED TO KNOW!

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