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Totally useless info about (non-existent) fashionsense of some people in the 16th century

Swiss mercenaries were called Reisläufer, German ones Landsknechte. They did not get along. At all. Downright hated each other. Like, they would just beat eachother up whenever they were around the other?
The Landsknechte began the trade after the Reisläufer, and even had Swiss train them, but soon got as good as them, wich pissed the Swiss off, because it's nice if you pay for me to teach you something but how dare you get good at it, too.

But this is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about clothes here.

Mercenaries had awesome clothes. Garish to the max.

Frills! Frills are manly, right? Well now they are

Colour combination, was ist das?

Nice hat!

It's like his clothes have a split personality or something


My favorite, only because of DAT ASS

So yes, mercenaries were famous for their horrible peculiar fashion sense, to a point where I found a lot of caricatures (see, feathery dude upstairs). Thing is, the Swiss began with that trend, but the Germans took it to a different level. Like. See featherey dude upstairs. It got so bad after a while that their clothes got into conflict with the sumptuary laws around, because despite all, they were just common folks (most of the time), and had no business wearing luxurious clothes.
Maximilian I came along, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and he exempted them from the law, because he was a Habsburg and liked tacky frilly things he thought mercenaries had a dangerous and short life, so they should be allowed the one or other excess. And then fashion exploded.


Note: I learned all this while researching for a 6 panel crack comic. I will never use this knowledge. Why can't I graduate in random fandom-tainted knowledge? I WOULD ROCK THAT DEGREE SO HARD sob

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