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So I went and had a look to see when my last non-fandom related art-post actually was. Not counting the Novemberdoodles, it... was a long time ago, oh wow.
Then again, I haven't really drawn anything non-fandom related in what feels like aaages, simply because I live for the short high the crack in those doodles provide me. But I digress.

The other day, I found one of my sketchbooks again, and it was empty, so I decided to fill it. Preferably with not so many fandom doodles, just to see if I actually CAN still draw something not related to fandom crack.
Basically, I just sat down, watched 'criminal intent' or any other spin-off available, and doodled. Mostly just drew from pictures I found on my HD to get warm again. There are a lot of super random pictures on my HD, btw, I boggled.

Because if you're about to meet your death falling from the sky, might as well enjoy it.
Actually, this was an underwater picture, first. A bit less morbid. Maybe.

A guy without eyes. His life is full of misery.
No, seriously, I don't like this one and consider it a failure on several points.

Two pictures I had from the Foxglove Fashions site. The one with the cup is not supposed to look that tense...

A picture of a jumping lady wearing a nice dress that I found on DA once.
She reminds me a little of [livejournal.com profile] aeromachia's Lux, so maybe that's her.

Another underwater picture, by Zena Holloway. I'm rather fond of this one.

Okay, this one was freehand does it show.
Concept of one of the two main characters of my next comic, should there ever be such a thing.
She's not a dancer, but I wanted her to do something else than just stand around.
I bet she couldn't even dance properly, actually.


Um, so I lied a bit, there is something fandom related after all. I watched some bloke play through FFXIII on Youtube some weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely.

I added the face in the end, when her being faceless was just too creepy.
I shouldn't have.
Anyway, I liked Lightning! And her uniform was all kinds of cool. Except for that cape, that was kind of useless.


I promised Rae I'd draw this out. So I did.
Okay, they should both be involved in the act but that didn't work out. Light'll just have to cover up for Hope. I'm sure she'll be happy to do so.

Yeah, I kind of didn't like Snow.

At all.

ALSO? This last picture is NOT fandom related, whatever you might think of it, it is not what you think it is because why would I draw such things?

Nope. You are seeing things.

This war referenced from another picture I have on my HD, actually, it's a nice painting, a bit 50ies pin-up stile. I have no clue who the artist is, though, because the filename says 'sexswingers' and I am so not googling that.

Aaaand that's it. Congrats for making it this far =3

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