lemiru: Balthier is a gentleman ([Random - bisou])
äuä de scho ([personal profile] lemiru) wrote2009-07-05 06:33 pm

Spam Spam Spam OR: Youtube tiemz~

spamming your flists with something I thought was terribly cute:

I really like how it works so well with the music.

Another one I really really like:

The next four are all introduction animations played as opening to the Festival International du Film d'Animation (FIFA) in Annecy. "Fenrir" is my favorite.

And now for one which I think is really sweet, but wished it were animated traditionally. It kind of looks a little stiff this way. Which is not how Tango should look imho. But I still think the story is just too beautiful.

Kay, I'm done =D

ETA: Also heeeee, Federer! |3

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